Directions for motor vehicles
When approaching Amsterdam via the motorways A1 (Amersfoort/Amsterdam), A2 (Utrecht/Amsterdam) or A4 (The Hague/Amsterdam), you will see road signs indicating the direction of the RAI. RAI Amsterdam is located directly off the ring road (exit 9). The route to the parking garages is clearly indicated from the exit.


Address for navigation systems
Europaplein 12, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands

GPS coordinates for navigation systems such as TomTom and Garmin: longitude (E): 4.891818165779114; latitude (N): 52.339029797418114.


What is the maximum height in the RAI parking garages?
​The maximum height allowed in the RAI P1-3 parking garages is 1.90 metres. The height of the P4 parking is 2.7m.


Does the RAI have parking spaces for people with disabilities?​ 
​Yes. People with an official European parking card for the disabled (GPK) can use these special parking spaces, which are located close to the exit of the building. People with disabilities pay the normal RAI parking rate.


Is it possible to book a parking space for people with disabilities?
No, you cannot book a parking space for people with disabilities. The RAI has several of these spaces. Should they be occupied, a parking attendant will help you find the best possible spot.


Is it possible to book a parking space by the hour?
No, parking spaces cannot be booked by the hour. RAI Amsterdam only applies a daily rate.


Can I book a parking space by phone?
No, you can only book a space via our website.


I booked a parking space. Am I now certain of a spot?
If you booked and paid for a parking space, you can be certain of having a spot. When entering the garage or parking grounds, you will be assigned a parking space.


If there are no more parking spaces available for booking, does that mean that there are no more spaces available at the RAI?
No, this does not automatically mean there are no more parking spaces, only that booking is no longer possible. If there are no parking spaces available at the RAI, you will be directed to an external parking area, as indicated on the access roads around the RAI via (mobile) information panels.


Can I pay for my parking space on site at RAI Amsterdam?
You can also pay for your parking space directly at RAI Amsterdam. We nonetheless recommend you book a space via the website to ensure a spot is available.


Which payment methods does RAI Parking offer?
Payment is possible via iDEAL, VISA or MasterCard.


Can I change my booking?
You can change the dates of your booking by sending an e-mail to If you come with a different car, you can drive out by scanning the barcode printed on the ticket. You can also log in to your account and chnage the license plate number through my bookings. You open your booking and then choose to your parking space. You can change the license pate number via the pencil.


Can I cancel my booking? Will I receive a refund?
Yes, you can cancel a booking. No, you will not receive a refund.


How long in advance can I change or cancel my booking?
You can change or cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your arrival at the RAI. Changes are free of charge. If cancelling your booking, you will not receive a refund.


What are the booking conditions of RAI Parking?
The conditions are simple:
- Booking is only possible via iDEAL, VISA or MasterCard
- Booking is only possible via 
- You can exit the parking garage using licence plate recognition, barcode or pin number (the latter two are indicated on your parking ticket).

How will I know whether my booking has been accepted?
After booking you will receive an email which includes a PDF file. This PDF is your confirmation and indicates the booking period and booking number. You must have your confirmation and parking ticket or tickets when entering and exiting the parking garage.

What should I do if the parking garage is full when I arrive?
If you booked in advance, you can be certain of getting a parking space. Make sure you bring your confirmation.

How can I enter and exit the parking garage of the RAI after booking via the parking webshop?
When you arrive in the parking garage:

1. A sensor will ‘read’ your licence plate. You will not receive an entry pass.


When returning to the parking garage: 
1. You do not have to pass by the payment machine. You can exit the garage thanks to licence plate recognition. If this does not work, you can scan the barcode at the exit column; the barcode is indicated on the PDF confirmation which was previously emailed to you. 
If you have not the printed ticket with you, you can also scan the barcode from your smartphone.
2. If you have parked longer than the booked period, you will have to pay for the extra days at the exit.

Where do I park if I purchased my parking ticket via the parking webshop? 
You can only park in the parking that is mentioned on your ticket. 


Is there a special area in the parking garage where I can park?
No, there is not. You can only park in the parking that is mentioned on your ticket. 

Is it possible to park for a longer period than booked via the parking webshop?
Yes, you can park longer than the booked period. Do keep in mind the extra costs this entails. Any extra costs can be settled with your bank card, VISA or MasterCard at the exit.


How is the payment settled if I park longer (or shorter) than booked via the parking webshop?
If you parked shorter than booked, you will not receive a refund. In some cases, you can request an exception via If you parked longer than the booked period, you can pay any extra costs at the exit.


Can I enter and exit the parking garage as often as I like during the period for which I booked?
Yes, this is possible. You may not have access to the exact same parking space.


Are the parking garages secured?
No, parking at the parking garage of RAI Amsterdam is at your own risk (see the Standard Terms and Conditions for Visitors).

Why is my licence plate registered?
Your licence place is registered in order to calculate how long you have parked, as no parking ticket is issued when entering the garage. You can also book a parking space via and enter the garage via licence plate recognition should you choose to do so.

When is my licence plate registered? 
Your licence plate is registered by our Parking Management System as soon as your vehicle enters one of the access roads to the parking garages or areas of RAI Amsterdam. When booking via, your licence plate is registered in our system as well to ensure it is recognised when you enter and allow us to process your booking.


Are my licence plate details stored after I have exited the parking garage? 
After booking, your licence plate details will be removed from our system as soon as they are no longer needed for the processing and aftercare of your booking.


What does RAI Amsterdam do with my licence plate details?
The licence plate details are stored in our Parking Management System until you exit the garage, unless you booked via your licence plate, in which case the details are used for the processing and aftercare of your booking. The details are not shared with parties other than RAI Amsterdam, unless we are legally obliged to do so. There is no link to the government road transport agency (RDW).

Are my licence plate details shared with the tax authorities or other institutions?
No, your licence plate details are not shared with the tax authorities or checked by the government road transport agency (RDW) unless we are legally obliged to do so.


What about personal data protection?
RAI Amsterdam collects personal data provided by the customer on the personal data page, details about click and surf behaviour, and transactions via the website of RAI Amsterdam. RAI Amsterdam has exclusive access to the abovementioned data. The RAI complies with the requirements of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and other privacy legislation. Customer data are stored in a customer database, and used for processing orders or bookings and customer service. RAI Amsterdam also uses the data to analyse the click and surf behaviour of its customers and establish customer profiles which are then used to complete the range of products and services on the website, and provide customers with bespoke offers from its product and service range. RAI Amsterdam may perform marketing campaigns with the address details of its customers at the request of third parties. Customer address details can be used up to twelve (12) times a year for a mailing in which RAI Amsterdam has exclusive access to the personal data. If customers object to the collection and analysis of their data and bespoke offers from RAI Amsterdam, they can let RAI Amsterdam know via a link in the newsletter. In case customers want to have their data removed from the customer database, they can do so by contacting the RAI via RAI Amsterdam will not supply the personal data of customers to other persons or organisations outside of RAI Amsterdam without consent from the customer, unless it is legally obliged to do so. RAI Amsterdam takes great care to ensure the quality of its customer database. Personal data are checked regularly for correctness, and outdated & no longer relevant data are regularly removed. Customers can correct their personal data directly via the personal data page. For questions or complaints, customers can contact the RAI via At customers’ request, RAI Amsterdam can provide an overview of the data included in the customer database.


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